Use Case-1: Non-Recourse Export Factoring


Imagine a small exporting company called "Global Traders Private Ltd." based in India. Global Traders specializes in manufacturing and exporting high-quality textiles to buyers around the world. They have recently secured a significant order from a buyer in Europe, but they are facing a challenge: they need working capital to fulfill the order and cover production costs.


Global Traders is dealing with a common challenge that many exporters face - the need for immediate working capital to fulfill large export orders. Traditional lending options might require collateral or involve time-consuming credit checks, causing delays in production and shipment.

Exporting presents its own set of challenges that can hinder growth and financial stability. These challenges include:

  • 1. Limited Access to Finance:
  • 2. Conditional 'Non-Recourse' Advances:
  • 3. Ineffectiveness of Export Factoring Solutions:
  • 4. Reliance on Overdrafts:
  • 5. Inefficiency of Traditional Trade Finance:
  • 6. Inadequate Risk Mitigation:

Navigating these challenges demands innovative solutions that prioritize financial accessibility, risk management, and efficient trade processes. At Credore, we aim to transform these challenges into opportunities by providing a streamlined, secure, and reliable platform for Export Factoring that empowers businesses to thrive in the global marketplace.


Global Traders turns to Credore's Export Factoring platform for a solution. They decide to use non-recourse export factoring, a financing arrangement that provides them with the necessary funds without taking on the risk of buyer default.

At Credore, we understand the challenges faced by businesses in the realm of export factoring. That's why we've designed a transformative solution that not only addresses these challenges but propels businesses towards enhanced access to finance, operational efficiency, and risk mitigation.

  • 1. Increased Access to Finance:
  • 2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency:
  • 3. Advanced Risk Mitigation:

Credore's Export Factoring solution propels businesses beyond the conventional, enabling them to access finance, streamline operations, and mitigate risks with unprecedented efficiency and confidence. Embrace innovation today and step into a new era of empowered global trade.

How Credore's Non-Recourse Export Factoring Works:

  • 1. Invoice Submission: Global Traders submits their invoice for the European buyer's order to Credore's platform.

  • 2. Verification and Discounting: Credore's platform verifies the authenticity of the invoice and the buyer's creditworthiness. Once verified, they offer Global Traders an immediate advance on the invoice amount, which helps cover their working capital needs.

  • 3. Risk Transfer: In a non-recourse arrangement, Credore assumes the risk of buyer default. This means that if the European buyer doesn't pay the invoice due to insolvency or other reasons, Global Traders is not responsible for repaying the advanced funds.

  • 4. Seamless Transaction:** Credore manages the payment collection from the European buyer. They ensure that the transaction is conducted smoothly and transparently, fostering trust between all parties involved.


1. Global Traders receives the much-needed working capital quickly, allowing them to fulfill the order on time.

2. The non-recourse feature shields Global Traders from the risk of buyer default, providing them financial security.

3. Credore's platform offers transparency, security, and efficiency throughout the factoring process.

4. This arrangement promotes business growth and international trade for companies like Global Traders.

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